Siena, daughter of the road

Visit the religious center:

You can visit:

  • Cathedral
  • Baptistery
  • Crypt
  • Opera Metropolitana Museum: Duccio's Majesty, climb the Facciatone (view of Siena and the surroundings from the panoramic terrace)
  • Ospedale di Santa Maria della Scala

Opening Hours and tickets:

Cattedrale, Museo dell'Opera, Panorama dal Facciatone, Cripta, Battistero:

1 March-2 November 10:30am-7pm

3 November-28 February 10:30am-5:30pm

26 December-6 January 10:30am-7pm

All inclusive ticket: Euro 10,00

Santa Maria della Scala Hospital:

16 October-16 March: everyday 10,30am-4,30pm

17 March-15 October: everyday 10,30am-6,30pm

Ticket: Full ticket without booking Euro 6.00 - with booking Euro 5.50

Reduced without booking Euro 4.50 - with booking Euro 4.00 for groups with more than 15 people

Reduced without booking Euro 3.50 - with booking Euro 3.00 over 65 years old, invalids and soldiers

Note: For those arriving in Siena by car we suggest to park their vehicle at Parking Santa Caterina. From there you can easily reach the city center with the escalator, avoiding the steep slope.

Opening hours and tickets price: last updated on January 2012