A for Animals, B for Boboli


Our guided family tour of the Boboli Gardens is designed as a journey through the fountains and diverse plant life of this magical place. At each stop, thanks to our kit, your children will learn while playing. Just a glance at our photo gallery will show you that our visit to Boboli is fun for everyone!


The Courtyard of Palazzo Pitti
Boboli Gardens


Duration of the guided tour: approximately 2.5 hours.

The guided tour does not take place on the first Monday of the month, as it is the garden's closing day.

The garden's closing times vary depending on the season; please contact us to find out the best time to visit.

The garden is situated on the slope of a hill and can be traversed on gravel paths. It is accessible with strollers with large wheels, but not in all parts. We recommend wearing comfortable clothing and shoes, and sunscreen during the warmer months.

The path is not suitable for everyone and may pose particular difficulties for those with limited mobility.


Guided tour price: starting from €150.00

Museum tickets, transportation, and radio system rental are not included.

Full-price ticket:
- From March to October: €10.00
- From November to February: €6.00
- Reduced ticket (18-25 years old from the European Community): €2.00
- Free ticket: children under 18 years old. Skip-the-line reservation: €3.00 (also for minors, free for children under 6 years old).

Visiting the Boboli Gardens with its 45,000 square meters of surface area can be challenging for anyone, but it can be even more exhausting if you have to drag the whole family along. With our guided tour, however, it will be you parents who have to keep up with your children!

If you book this tour with us, we will help you explore this immense green space, touching all the most important and suggestive points without wasting energy, and your children will be actively engaged through the activities in our kit! If, instead, you plan to visit the garden independently, we suggest consulting our BLOG

What to expect

Boboli is one of the largest gardens in Europe and also one of the most celebrated because it constitutes the model of the so-called “Italian garden,” a type of garden where the order and rationality of the Renaissance are reflected in a nature that is also designed and ordered.

Following the rich vegetation and water from the numerous fountains, we will discover how this magical centuries-old garden develops, enlarged and transformed over time by the Grand Dukes of Tuscany. The tour starts from the Ammannati courtyard or the Annalena Entrance (to be agreed upon together). Among artificial caves and magnificent fountains, we will learn the names of the fantastic characters hiding among hedges and centuries-old trees. Beautiful sets await us, such as the amphitheater, where the Medici court witnessed theatrical performances and concerts, as well as the Grand Water Basins, such as the Island Basin and the Neptune Basin, surrounded by monsters, tritons, and fantastical animals.

We will climb the hill through winding avenues flanked by tall laurel trees and walk in the shade of the hedges created with the branches of holm oaks. In the Ganimede garden, once a real orchard of the grand ducal court, we will admire the skill of our wise gardeners who have brought ancient plants back to life, like the “lying pear”. Why “lying”? We will discover it together during our guided tour!

Overlooking the Ganimede garden is a strange building: the Kaffehaus, built by the Grand Dukes of Lorraine to enjoy coffee and chocolate, a perfect place for a break in the enchanting setting of the garden. The last stop is the phantasmagorical Buontalenti Grotto, where animals and fantastic characters, paintings, sponges, and calcareous concretions will help us return with our imagination to the time of the Medici grand duchy, when water games made this imaginary and wonderful world shine. Before leaving, the singular figure of the court jester bids us farewell: the Dwarf Morgante, corpulent and naked, seated on the back of a turtle, symbolizing Grand Duke Cosimo I de’ Medici.


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