Becoming a sculptor... at the Bargello Museum

Alcuni momenti della nostra visita per famiglie con bambini al museo del Bargello. Al centro le sculture di Donatello nella Sala del consiglio maggiore


Do you know what a sculptor does? Do you know what materials they use? We'll tell you all about it on our tour at the Bargello Museum, one of the most beautiful sculpture museums in the world located right in Florence!

With our guided tour dedicated to families with children, we'll discover exactly what sculpture is and what a sculptor does, thanks to Donatello, one of the greatest artists of the Renaissance! A visit entirely dedicated to the little ones who, with our help and the participation of you parents, will have fun with the many activities of our "Becoming a sculptor" kit.

Going to the museum with mom and dad has never been so engaging!

Works by

Arnolfo di Cambio
Luca della Robbia


Duration of the guided tour: about 2 hours.

The guided tour can be conducted from Monday to Friday and Sunday in the morning, and all day on Saturday.

The tour is not available on Tuesdays, when the Uffizi Gallery is closed.


Guided tour starting from €150.00

Full-price ticket:
€9.00 (ticket prices may vary during certain temporary exhibitions).

Reduced ticket (18-25 years old from the European Community): €2.00.

Free ticket: children under 18 years old. Skip-the-line reservation: €3.00 (also for minors). Transportation and radio system rental not included.

If you book this tour with us, we will help you explore this immense green space, touching all the most important and suggestive points without wasting energy, and your children will be actively engaged through the activities in our kit! If, instead, you plan to visit the garden independently, we suggest consulting our BLOG.

What to expect

Choosing what to visit in an art-rich city like Florence isn’t so simple, especially when you have children whom you want to introduce to the beauty of art without boring them. From this awareness comes the tour Becoming a sculptor… at the Bargello Museum because there’s no more magical place to discover what sculpture is and who the great protagonists of this art are. Three-dimensional and made with different materials, sculpture engages us 360 degrees and immediately wins us over!

Starting from the materials themselves, we’ve created a kit that helps us in a journey of discovery about the sculptor’s tools of the trade, and surprises will not be lacking. 

We have some big names in store for you… Michelangelo, Donatello, Brunelleschi will suffice?

The Bargello palace itself will fascinate both adults and children: climbing its stairs and walking through its various rooms will make you feel like you’ve traveled back in time and found yourself inside a real castle.

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