About us

Elena and Angela both obtained their degrees in Art History from the University of Florence and are both authorized tour guides for English and Italian speaking visitors. In addition to their love for art and talking (we sure do love a good chat!), they share a passion for cuisine and TV series. They have worked side by side for 10 years and have a natural penchant for social relations and organizational skills. Their idea of tourism is the following: to fascinate with thrilling stories, allowing visitors to follow their guide not only in museums, churches and galleries, but above all through time, understanding the roots of the genius of men such as Michelangelo, Leonardo, Brunelleschi, Giotto and Dante, and what led an entire city to dedicate its efforts to the pursuit of beauty. This approach offers visitors the opportunity, even during brief stays, to capture the essence of a land that was capable of changing the entire world with the strength of its thoughts and its constant search for beauty.

Guida turistica di Firenze da più di 10 anni. Con passione e allegria porta grandi e piccini alla scoperta del capoluogo della Toscana attraverso il progetto di IconaToscana
Angela Indelicato da più di 10 anni lavora con IconaToscana appassionando con visite guidate adatte alle famiglie con bambini ma anche per adulti e gruppi scolastici

The idea behind the blog accompanying this website was born from our awareness of the city’s constant transformations: often visitors are forced to spend far too much time and money to obtain even basic information, such as how to visit Florentine monuments, where to find museum fees or how to learn about recommended behaviour when visiting religious locations and other sites. Our blog features the information only operators working on the field every day are able to share, in order to help you make the very best use of your time when visiting Florence. Our goal is also that of offering suggestions on things worth seeing, how to move across the city, where to eat or things to do during your stay.