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Less known than its more famous counterparts, the Bargello astonishes visitors with its unexpected abundance, given that it owns one of the most important sculpture collections of the Renaissance. 
The Palazzo del Capitano del Popolo, headquarters of the museum, is in itself a fascinating link to the city’s past which immediately transports us back to the Middle Ages.

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Tour duration: 2 hours

The tour is not available on the 2nd and 4th Sunday and on the 1st, 3rd, 5th Monday of every month, when the Museum is closed.

The opening hours of the Bargello Museum change on the basis of the season. Contact us to find out the best time to visit it.

The tour is suitable for all visitors and is not particularly difficult.


Guided tour starting from 150,00 € max 3 hours
The fees do not include museum tickets, transportation costs or the rental of radio systems. The use of radio systems is recommended for groups. We can manage the rental, on request.

Bargello Museum

Regular Tickets: 9,00 €

Reduced Tickets (UE Citizens between 18 and 25 years old): 2,00 €

Free Admission: Children under 18 years, Groups of UE students with reservation

Ticket Reservation Fee: 3,00 €; free for UE School Groups

In case of temporary exhibitions there might be a tickets’ surcharge.

By booking this tour we can follow you step by step, helping you to plan the visit of the museum.  If you are going to visit the museum independently, we recommend reading our BLOG instead.

What to expect

Similarly to the Convent of San Marco, the Bargello is one of those museums unfairly considered to be “minor” yet actually featuring artworks of astounding value. Our visit to the museum will start in the courtyard, where we will discover the history of the building, inextricably linked to the historical events of the city: from the Volognana tower to the well in the centre of the courtyard, we will explore this austere place which went from being the headquarters of the quarters of the Capitano del Popolo, one of the most important Florentine political posts, to welcoming the Bargello, i.e. the Head of Police, before actually becoming a prison. 

Here, the history of Florence has left indelible marks: from the Guelphs to the Ghibellines, from the Republic to the Medici and not forgetting the Lorena rule.

From the courtyard we will make our way to the first floor, where, before visiting the museum collections, we will enter the chapel. Here, among the frescoes on the walls, we can observe one of the most ancient portraits of Dante. Our itinerary will then lead us from medieval sculptures to the early works by Donatello, Filippo Brunelleschi and Lorenzo Ghiberti, among the first sculptures to explore the new language these artists were creating in the early 15th century. 

In the Hall of the Consiglio Maggiore we will admire the panels created by Filippo and Lorenzo for the 1401 public tender, Donatello’s innovative and audacious Saint George and David, as well as the glazed terracotta works by Luca della Robbia. At this point we will admire Michelangelos splendid Bacchus, Pitti tondo and Brute, before discovering how the artistic trends of the early 16th century already pointed in a new direction, destined to give birth to Baroque sculpture. This is perfectly exemplified by the precious works on display by Giambologna, Cellini and Baccio Bandinelli.


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