Stars seekers at San Miniato al Monte


Our family-friendly tour of the Basilica of San Miniato is thought of as a path to the stars! Yes, you did read that right, stars indeed! This truly ancient church is 1000 years old and was thought of as a door to the sky, so much so that we can also find it written in Latin at the entrance: ‘Hic est porta coeli’! Therefore what can help us more to enter this magic, fascinating and beautiful place than stars?

At the end of the tour together with your children we will build a ‘constellascope’, so that at night, in the dark of their own bedroom, they will be able to project their personal constellation and remember the sky of San Miniato!

Take a look at our photo-gallery to get a sneak peek of what awaits you! After the tour of San Miniato we will descend to Piazzale Michelangelo and the enchanting Rose Garden, to relax among the plants and enjoy a unique and unforgettable panoramic view over Florence.


San Miniato al Monte Church

Roses Garden or Piazzale Michelangelo panoramic viewpoint (depending on the season)


Duration of the tour: around 2 hours

The guided tour is not available on Sunday mornings, when the church is closed to visitors.

The church of San Miniato is situated atop a hill, reachable on foot from the city center in about 20 minutes, or more comfortably by bus or private transportation.

This itinerary is suitable for everyone, although some areas in the church and in the Rose Garden are not easily accessible for those with reduced mobility.

Appropriate attire for sacred places is recommended.


Guided tour starting from 150,00 €

No tickets required for this tour. An offer for the monks is welcome.

We recommend the use of a tour guide radio system for groups of more than 6 people. We can book these for you.

tour guide radio system not included in the fee.

If you book a tour with us, we will help you plan it and it will be an experience the kids won’t forget so soon!

If you book a tour with us, we will help you plan it and it will be an experience the kids won’t forget so soon!
If you are planning a visit on your own, we suggest that you read our BLOG.

What to expect

This tour of the church of San Miniato combines art, history and astronomy. Children are often fascinated by the stars and here we will show them how important the observation of the celestial vault was for the people of the past. 

We will start the tour from the churchyard of the Basilica of San Miniato admiring a sensational view over the city of Florence. Facing us, the imposing front of the church dazzles us with the candor of its white marble, encrusted with white and green geometric decorations. The abbey is still home to a lively religious community and welcomes pilgrims and visitors daily. The church is located on the top of the hill and its thousand-year old history coincides with that of the Saint it is dedicated to: Minias (Miniato in Italian), a prince who came from far away and of whom we will narrate the story, while identifying his image in the precious mosaics. After entering the church, as our eyes get used to the dark, the wonders of its interior will gradually appear. Mural paintings, imposing columns, beautiful marble inlays on the floor. And it is precisely on the floor that we will be looking for our starry sky! A beautiful zodiac wheel will guide us to the discovery of the rich history of this site! We will continue our visit with an overview of all the areas of the church which are open to the public. Once we are out we will build our constellascope! What is a constellascope? You will have to follow us in this journey to find out and it won’t be the only thing that you will learn!

The tour will continue with a descent to the panoramic terrace of Piazzale Michelangelo and/or the Rose Garden, where we will embrace with one glance the city and its unique monuments, and you will meet some very curious characters in the Garden Rose… So, you only need to book your visit to find out about all these beautiful things, we are waiting for you!


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