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Florence can be a beautiful city but also a very chaotic and difficult one: make sure you have a Virgil – or better still, a Beatrice – by your side to aid you and guide your steps with experience. It can be hard to enjoy all that the city has to offer when you are overwhelmed by the amount of museums, churches, galleries, palazzi and herds of tourists invading the streets and squares. And yet the charm which has attracted so many visitors over the course of the centuries is still here, intact and waiting for you to discover it.

Classic Tours

To get acquainted  with the city here are the guided tours you can’t miss!

Art Lovers Tours

Would you like to know more? Here are some guided tours to discover the less touristy venues in Florence


Not only Florence: here are some ideas for daytrips. Our guided tours to discover the other cities and the Tuscan countryside!


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